Meet Austin Shadow

There are two very important rules when it comes to casting tops and bottoms for skin flicks. You want your bottoms to be cupcaked or bubble-butted, and you want your tops to be bigger than BIG itself. Cre8tive Juices lucked out when we discovered Austin Shadow last year and cast him in DIRECT DEPOSIT. Since then Austin has shot two more movies for our company: the just-released HOLE MILK and the upcoming STORM SURGE. We caught up with Atlanta-based model Shadow earlier last month and got the bare truth from this hung stud.

JUICE MAGAZINE (JM): Your HUGE cock is obviously one of the big reasons why CJ cast you in DIRECT DEPOSIT. We were further excited when you showed up that you were so incredibly enjoyable to work with. Your accent was also a huge turn-on. Tell us where you are from originally, and if that accent of yours makes guys melt?

AUSTIN SHADOW (AS): I was born in Colorado but after leaving the hospital I immediately went to the United Kingdom where I was raised. I left the UK when I was 16 to come back to the USA. I have had many guys come on to me as a result of my accent. I think they like knowing I am from another country and many people find the accent a turn on.

JM: You made another good impression by being able to act and to play to the camera. You have a good eye for the technical details involved in making a movie. Do you have technical experience besides being a model?

AS: I have been performing in adult films since 2002. I have also been involved in all areas of the film process to include model recruitment, casting, scheduling, finding and setting up locations, script design, set design, and operating second camera. I really enjoy both sides of this business. I think it is very important to know your crew and how well they interact with each other. If they are not compatible, it will definitely be visible on camera.

JM: What was it like working with Erik Austin in DIRECT DEPOSIT? We paired the two of you up hoping you guys would be believable as boyfriends. We had NO idea your chemistry would work as well as it did. Do you stay in touch with him at all?

AS: Erik Austin was a fantastic co-star. Although he was nervous, I kept trying to reassure him everything would be fine. I told him to concentrate on me and not the camera and he did just that. He is a very passionate man and I loved working with him. He is a very good performer and I would love working with him again on a future project. As a matter of fact, I did stay in contact with him after the shoot.

JM: You have a great body. Is it genetics that keeps you so well-defined, or do you have to adhere to a special diet?

AS:I try very hard to keep my body looking this good. I work out 3-4 times a week and have a personal trainer. It is very hard for me to gain weight so I really am not limited to what I eat. With my busy schedule, it is difficult finding time to eat at regulated schedules but I try and eat at least two large meals daily along with 2-3 protein shakes. I also add creatine and glutamine to my shakes.

JM: Throughout your scene in DIRECT DEPOSIT with Erik Austin you are boning that boy good. Then in a twist at the end you blow a load into your own mouth, and then the bottom stands over you and cums all over your hole, dripping his cum into you. How did it feel to have that hot load of the bottom splashing all over your ass crack?

AS: One thing I have learned in filming is that you have to come up with unique positions for your audience to view. Throughout Direct Deposit, I am portrayed as the TOP. However, during the last scene I was on my back in a submissive state. I love shooting in my mouth and tasting my own cum especially while someone is eating my ass. I think this turned Erik on and made his cum shot much more powerful. It felt great having him shoot all over my hole.

JM: Cre8tive Juices flew you in from Atlanta to Ft Lauderdale to shoot for DIRECT DEPOSIT. You also filmed a scene for part 3 of the Storm Chronicles series, STORM SURGE, with Sean Storm. Any comments on having to shoot two scenes back to back like that?

AS: One thing you will learn about me is that I LOVE SEX. Both Sean Storm and Erik Austin were great to work with and I really enjoyed myself. I have worked on other projects where the chemistry between me and my co-star was no where near the level it should be. That makes it very difficult for me to perform and thus it is relayed on the screen. I like co-stars who have personality and enjoy what they are doing. I love to FUCK and if my co-star loves getting Fucked, we will get along PERFECTLY! I find it very difficult to fake passion between two people.

JM: THE STORM CHRONICLES are set up in a way that allows characters to float in and out of the series. Would you be interested in coming back to shoot for Cre8tive Juices again?

AS: As I said previously, I REALLY enjoyed my filming experience with Cre8tive Juices. We were there to do a job and we accomplished it with no issues. My co-stars were both great to work with and the crew was very efficient and did not waste time. I like when things run smoothly and they did a GREAT job in ensuring that. I would love the opportunity to come back and film with them again in the future.

JM: We were very impressed with your work, Austin. And we do look forward to working with you again on future CJ Media projects. Your cock is stunningly beautiful, and looked great entering Erik Austin and Sean Storm. Before we say adios, what other bottoms would you like to poke that pole into?

AS: I have been watching porn for many years and have seen good bottoms come and go. I have always loved Kevin Williams, Chad Knight, and Jeremy Jordan. I have an affinity for cute young bottom boys with a nice bubble butt. There is nothing hotter than rimming out a nice HOT bubble butt and getting it nice and wet before sliding your cock in and hearing them squeal. I love it when the bottom is truly enjoying getting fucked hard by my cock. It makes it all worth while.


Favorite Movies: Torchsong Trilogy, Sixth Sense

Favorite Television Shows: Charmed, ER, American Idol

Favorite Music (Artists): Pet Shop Boys, George Strait, Enya, most Boy Bands

Favorite Magazines: Men's Fitness, GQ, Genre, and Details

Favorite Foods: Pasta, Seafood, Creme Brulee

Videography: Community Service, Taylor of Atlanta, Metro Men, Street Trash, When Straight Guys Go Gay, Interracial Gang Bang 2, Military Maneuvers, Sweet Homo Alabama, Direct Deposit.

Contact Info for Fans: email: "" website: ""

What time of the day is your favorite time to orgasm? Early Morning when I first get up and am rock hard.

What cities have you travelled to: All over the USA including Hawaii, Sydney Australia, Auckland NZ

What turns you on in a sex partner?: I love ABS and a HOT ASS!

What would you like to do in a bareback movie that you havent done yet: I have done most of it already.

Do you like hairy guys or smooth guys? Smooth Guys or Guys with Trimmed Chest Hair

Do you like group sex, or do you prefer 1 on 1? I like Both. I guess it depends on the scenario. Is it someone I really like or just a hook up?

Whats your favorite sexual position? Me on TOP or taking someone doggie style.

Whats your record number of orgasms in a single day? 14

Do you enjoy knowing that people are watching you bareback on film? I am a definite exhibitionist and love to be watched. I love knowing that guys are jerking off watching me perform on film or live webcam.

Where are you from originally? I am originally from Colorado but was raised in the United Kingdom.

How old were you when you lost your virginity to another guy? 20 while I was in the United States Air Force.

When was the last time you went to a bathhouse? less than a month ago

Do you get into toy play? I don't mind using a toy on my partner but I don't like them used on me. However, I have always wanted to know what it would be like to take an exact replica of my cock up my own ass.

Do you have any fetish or places of your body that really get you aroused? I love rimming, leather, exhibitionism, voyeurism, and light bondage. The parts of my body that really get me aroused are my neck, cock, ears, and being rimmed.